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Genuine Nordic Vodka

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


View From My Room..,


There are things that we are blessed with and others are not.,
Our lives doesn!t always reflect what others go through or have experienced.,
Our Journey and lifestories are different yet somehow similar in the sense of we all hurt,we all cry,we all are longing for something,we have wants and needs and so on.
Do not see everything through your eyes or perception at times you need to see it and visualize it in a different way.
What might be a blessing to you might be a never experience to somebody else.
What might be a normality to you might be a blessing to somebody else.
There are People out There that Will never experience sudden things due to the circumstances.
There are People Who are going to experience alot thanks to others but Will never Know how to say thank you or show gratitude to whomever Made it happen.
There are People Who are going tog envy your blessings and express it with hate but do not be sad by it for it is best to undastand and be compassionate even for those Who dont give US The same.
Undastand that even hate or envy has a story behind it that is emptiness.
Some are still waiting for God to make it happen for Them, but have you asked yourself what have you done in return in order for you to be blessed?
He said Seek and you shall find but he did not say Sit and you shall be rewarded!
You are an example and a product of your own blessings because what you ask and Seek that is what he rewards you with No matter The Times Nor The struggle because when The Times is in OH trust and believe that he Will not leave you Astray, he Will bless you abudantly,Kulungile baba!!!



waoooo hongera da nuu
ila mie naomba uniambie utofauti wa hivyo vyoo mana huwa naviona tu but sijui vina kazi gani hasa hcho chenye koki ya maji
mie mswahili jmn

c said...

enjoy dear panaonekana pazuri sana

Anonymous said...

Unajituma sana hicho nakupendea light


Hahaha kuna wazungu Pia ambao hawajui my deal..,
Nitaweka a video uone kazi yake Suzana
Thank u wapendwa