Genuine Nordic Vodka

Genuine Nordic Vodka

Friday, May 29, 2009

Am gonna let my brother wish you all a great weekend..LOve you E,


am feeling the boots and the leggings

Beyonce with the ridicilous expensive Balmain jacket..,

Ciara with the more affordable one..,

Lady GAGA doin what she does best.,

Drew lookin uber cool with her leggings and those sandals iv had my eyes at.

Made in TZ.,Two women with a sense of style and knows what looks good on them,startin with Tina and this Stunning outfit.

Simple dress with those heels..,

On the redcarpet at an event..

ANNIEs style is about simplicity but you can still see the details.Whatever she puts on complements her body just perfectly.

the animal print..,

The dress looks so good on her and them curves.