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Genuine Nordic Vodka

Thursday, June 22, 2017


There is a lot to say about the woman who gave birth to me for teaching me the importance and values o being Independent which follows me in every aspect of life.
Today marks yet another day That Indeed has changed me and made me realize that it is important to put You meaning yourself first because if you yourself is not standing up for yourself,loving yourself,make sure you are alright or put value and boundaries then who will?

Love yourself enough to know your worth..
Care for yourself enough to know what you deserve or not even from the loved ones.
Respect yourself enough and others to know the value of yourself and that respect is indeed eraned.
Value yourself enough to know what your worth is not only to you but others Aswell.
Don't be afraid to be alone or walk alone when you know you are right in your choices or your cause SIMPLY because as soon you let fear become your best friend that is when you start to loose your path little by little and might even miss your destiny..
We were born alone and will die alone but inlife we build relations with others in our surroundings and that is where we get to know ourselves and grow but it is also where we learn about Love,Desire,Admiration,Hate,Envy,Disappointment,Morals,Right from Wrong and also the Truth.
Do stand up for something otherwise how are we gonna know who you are when you stand for Nothing..
Be true to yourself with your feelings and emotions and learn that not everybody is going to like you and that is ok..
Our character develops with years so does our boundaries simply because we get more and more comfortable in our skin and who we are that is something we get by aging.
The experience teaches us about our mistakes,our greatest failures but it also teaches us knowledge and equipt us with the word better meaning we learn on how to do better the next time around.
experience can never be taught in a classroom or a book that is something that you have to walk the walk in order to learn and with years we get better atleast suppose to..

With that being said I thank everyone who took the time to wish me on my day cause in all honesty today was not a good day but am gonna have a better one tomorrow so Ahsanteni sana kwa kuingia humu kila siku na nafurahi kuwa mnajifunza na I get to share my thoughts with you all.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nuru i want you to have a better Day tomor..Salome

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday na Ujumbe mzuri pia nakupenda

anonymus said...

Happy birthday the light!mwamini

Irene said...

Happy Birthday dear what a touching words love.May our Almighty God give you a way to find happiness out of sorrow. Its your day so cheer up true friends are always your family members nobody else love so be happy. true friends and loyal friends ni wale umekuwa nao pamoja huku ukubwani very few are true friends. pole sana

sosoano said...

Hongera kwa kuzaliwa da nuu
Na Hongera zake mama mzaa chema
Ujumbe mzr sana

mamaake johnson said...

asante kwa kushukuru Nuru be blessed

mamaake johnson said...

Asante kushukuru Nuru be blessed

Anonymous said...

that hand bag jamani nameza mate tu black and red umependeza hatarious- am butterfly