Genuine Nordic Vodka

Genuine Nordic Vodka

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy birthday J., and on Saturday its going dowwwwwwwwwwn.,much love

Today is the day when the birth of a dear friend of mine was born.,Shes a goodhearted person and a true fashionista..,
My Favourite Male artist whos just been giving us Hit after Hit this year startin with ALIKIBA..,

And the man with gifted words MWANA FA.,


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you Hot mama.Saturday is the day and I will be there.I all ready booked my place next to the queeens of fashion hahaha.Love ya guys. Salome

NURU the light said...

We love youuuuuu tooo..,ur spot will be there with the queens.,

Miss Sussi haha said...

We queens gonna party like crazy !!!!!best of the best :)

J said...

På lördag e det fest and we gonna paarty like RockStars :) Tack för gratulationerna /J

NURU the light said...

hahahhhhh ladies i cant wait am gon wear a freakin bikini hahahahhlol..,lord have mercy on us..,